Saturday, October 6, 2007

chemo, contract talks and boot shopping! lol

I've been a bad, bad blogger!  I haven't updated in 10 days! Well, when I showed up for my chemo last Tuesday I was running a slight fever but all my cbc's were good so I told Dr. Serious I still wanted the chemo treatment even with the fever, I was happy about the "Half dose" the week before because I hardly had any side effects so I was looking forward to the second half of the dose this past Tuesday. But it did make me wonder if I was screwing myself by not taking the full dose. If I have to have chemo for any chance to survive then I want to make sure I'm benefiting from it. Well, Dr. Serious saw it the same way so I had a full dose of the Navelbine.

So that is 2 full doses and a half dose...wont know if it's doing what it's supposed to until next batch of cat scans and tumor marker tests are taken. Physical Therapy is really helping my legs and my balance, I've gone grocery shopping by myself, I've run errands and last night we had dinner at our friends Jay and Annette's house. Felt good to sit out on the back deck after dinner and let the warm wind blow thru all 7 of my hairs! New chemo doesn't make your hair fall only thins it out...that means I should be down to 3 by the time they switch THIS chemo! lmaooooo

This week is my "Off chemo" week and I also don't have any P/T scheduled. I need this week....I want to nothing but I also want to boot shop....sorry just an addiction of mine....I tossed out all but 3 pairs of boots while "nesting" due to them being 4 years old and Chicago winters with it's salt really trashed them, so I tell myself and Jim! lol

I do tire easy so I try not to go to far from home, and it has been incredibly hot here in Chicago....October? High 80's? I don't like to be hot anyway so this killing me....I'm more of a mid 70's girl with a warm balmy breeze! lol

With the GM contract signed, there are going to be big changes in the health benefits area...should be interesting  seeing the difference in the two policies....I think Jim said they are no longer offering the BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHEILD HMO...... it served us well when our family was young ( 4 kids get sick a lot and like to recycle the same germs! lol) and at the Doctors office every office visit co-pay, no prescription co-pay, no out of pocket expenses.........Jim has informed me I am now HIGH MAINTENANCE! LOL.......

Oh well, I have a boot sale to get too sometime thisweekend! lol lol lol

AOL is no longer offering GM employees discounted AOL....if I now change Internet providers will I lose access to my AOL BLOGS? I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my's been my therapist, my security blanket, my pacifier, my link to some really wonderful, caring people.


candlejmr said...

You know, you are probably the most awesome person I have ever "met."  With all that you are going through, with all that you deal with, you just keep on going with that upbeat, positive, "I need new boots" attitude.  You and your entries give me a serious reality check into my own life and for that....I THANK YOU.

You are the best Kim....and I just love you!!!


rbrown6172 said...

you can access aol free now, so you shouldn't lose access to your blogs.  glad you are feeling stonger and better.  hang in there.  i love your positive spirit and outlook!

danpat923 said...

I have AOL for free. Hope all is well with you.  Did you find boots?

plieck30 said...

I hope you find just the right pair of boots to go with your big loop earrings and you're gonna knock 'em dead with all three hairs. We sure would miss you if you left j-land. Have a good week-end Kim, Paula

cvgflydis said...

I cut AOL out a few years ago & I'm a blogger. (And) I believe you can still access chat rooms, although I haven't tried that in a few years either. You'll still have your blog, IM's etc. etc.

Glad to hear you've had the energy to shop alone! That's a good thing!

As always, here everyday, checking on you. Luckily, I see you in other bloggers comments section, so I know all is okay.

{{{{{{{{{Kim}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Take it easy, girl!

Mucho Love~Angel

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ajquinn354 said...

Kim, so glad to hear from you dear, sounds like you are hanging in there ok and dealing with all you have too.  Glad all your cbc's were good, know doing the chemo isn't easy, but glad you had the full dose. The P/T seems to be really helping, so glad to hear that and that you're able to get out and do some things dear. Hope the GM contract changes keep you covered well for benefits dear.
On the AOL, do you know you can still uset AOL and not pay for it, check it out Kim.  We don't pay for our monthly service as long as we have broadband, the only thing we don't get is AOL Support People if we have a problem.  You take care Kim, won't be long until your Chicago weather changes....we lived in Richton Park, IL for 5 years and I so remember the Chicago area weather.  Take care. Arlene (AJ)

fasttrack58 said...

Happy Boot Shopping!
Linda :)

ladyvictoriak said...

I'm thrilled that you were able to get the full dose of Navelbine.  Sounds like your weather is pretty much like ours.  It's been really hot here the last few days.  In fact, it was so hot - during the Indians/Yankee game, the lovely midgees came out thinking it was springtime LOL.  As far as no HMO, we were booted off of our HMO in June of '06 and put on Traditional.  I thought it was all over GM but I guess not.  Good luck with boot shopping.  Winter will be here before we know it.  Enjoy your chemo free week.  Viki

dklars said...

If you have high speed internet you can get AOL free.  I didn't check your other comments, so somebody probably already told you that.  My sister in law never had a paid AOL account, but she had an AOL journal, so I am sure it's possible.  Hope your new treatments work their wonders!  You're still in my daily prayers

kirkbyj05 said...

I'm so glad you found the time and energy to make an entry Kim.  I've missed you and wondered about you every night in my prayers.
I love the boot fetish. What is it about we women?  
I have a friend who has to keep buying new purses and another one who can't resist handbags.
I just have a problem with spending!  It must be the 'wee Scottish Beastie' in me. hehehehe!
Well done with the physio and the grocery shopping.  I know what an achievement that is.  I remember trying to get round the supermarket, without flopping down on the floor, myself.   It takes it out of you doesn't it?
You have 7 hairs????   Do I hear you boasting????     Sheesh!  That means there's always going to be one that sticks up and flaps about like a flag.   lol! can always spit on it and slap it down again. Hehehehehe!
you are the best!
Enjoy your boot sale.  I'm off to one in the morning too.  Hope you find a bargain.

((((Hugs))) and another one (((Hugs)))) because you haven't been around for a while.
Take care.    xxxxx

exptmircle said...

Call AOL..........they are free.  I am not sure why they haven't made more of a deal about it......but I do not pay and neither do others I know.  I get all the perks except live help.
Linda in Southern Calif.

faithmtn said...

Enjoy your boot shopping spree! Retail therapy is amazing, isn't it?!

AOL is free, but not sure about the blogs, seems like they should be too because they keep people logging into AOL which should make them (and their advertisers!) happy campers!

Good luck with the health insurance changes, hope they are all beneficial to you! Hang in there and feel better and better every single day!

astaryth said...

I have another broadband connection, and have my AOL for free. The only thing you lose is the 'customer support' ;p  You can even still use your AOL software if you want (although I consider it bloatware and won't load it on -my- computer)... you just sign on with your broadband service and then bring up the AOL software!

Glad you are feeling a little better and good luck with the boot shopping!

astoriasand said...

Hi Kim good to read you again.I ROFPMSL at the seven hairs which will be three.Whata sence of humour you have.My kind I must adamit.LOL!!I hope the full shots do good to you and Prayers being constantly repeated for you they do.Well done shopping alone Clap clap thats great.Happy you enjoyed the meal with friends.Enjoy the boot sale.My freind changed servers in England and she still has her AOL blog.Though I have no idea if it will be the same for you me not living in USA.Ring them first and ask.If you tell them your thinking of changing .No doubt they will offer you it free lol!! take Care Have as good a week/end as possible.God Bless Kath

malagutigrrl said...

If you go to high speed, you can get AOL for free.  In fact, you can get free AOL with another dial up provider I believe.  But check high speed prices in your area (since you're changing anyway).  You may find that the price of high speed, minus the cost of AOL turns out to be not that much more than what you're paying now (depends on what your discount has been).  
ALSO, if you want to stay on AOL dial up, call them and talk to them in person when you cancel.  Tell them you're getting a better deal from somewhere else (quote netscape or something).  Tell them you'd rather stay with AOL and ask for their best deal.  You'd be surprised what they'll be willing to do to keep you as a customer.

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dwhee70041 said...

It's good to hear from you.  Best wishes, always.

lanurseprn said...

You sound good! Hope you have fun boot shopping. I just went shoe shopping and I gotta's therapeutic! LOL!

canyonsun04 said...

I think there are others with aol blogs that don't have aol??? Right????  You can't leave Jland we would all worry about you to much, or more then we do now!
Hugs and Love

pharmolo said...

You're excused from scheduled updates, Kim. Hope the one-and-a-half dose of navelbine knocks the nasties on the head.

sybilsybil45 said...

Go for it, Buy the bestest pair of boots you can.  Tell us all about them next time you are around.  Glad that you had such a lovely night out with your friends. Maybe you could send us some of your warm weather over, although it isn't too cold yet we have had a slight frost overnight !!   Love for now Sybilsybil45

sdoscher458 said...

Been thinking about you. Glad you felt up to an entry. I guess nothing really stays the same, even the annoying insurance industry..always changes.  I feel like you, can't wait for even a hint of winter...just some cooler air to replace this awful damp, humid mess we call love your way to make you, Sandi

ma24179 said...

I would take the chemo like you should, I agree with  you on that.. If not, you may just be making yourself sick for nothing... so you have a boot fetish huh?? I'm a tennis shoe person, nothing better than getting a new pair of tennis shoes.... Oh and about changing internet providers... I do not think you have access to your journal if you don't have aol.. I may be wrong, but when I try it at work it doesn't work, I would call Aol and ask... Well, have a great weekend!! -Missy

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mutualaide said...

Hey Kim!  As always it is so good to hear from you!  

AOL is now free, so even if you can't get the discounted version from GM, you can simply 'go free'.  I stayed on the 'pay for it plan' for a brief period after AOL went free (if you choose) thinking that it would be better if it's paid for ... less ads, or something. Not so.  Doesn't matter.  So if you are free or if you pay, you get the same 'stuff'.  Only difference is live tech support as far as I can tell -- not available to free users.   So, you can stay and not worry about your blog!  

Hugs and prayers your way -- I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  ~K

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bmorrrick said...

Hi Kim,

I hadn't been on the computer for about 5 days myself.  Glad you're doing okay.  I see others have already told you that you can get AOL for free now, so you won't have to stop your just can't do that, we'd miss you!!  I hope your insurance won't start being real costly for you, that's the last thing you need to have to worry about.  Hope you're having a great weekend.

Take Care,

midwestvintage said...

 Glad your doing better and getting out some.  New boots always make everything better.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))Its good to hear from you.I hope you hhave a nice Sat.

wwfbison said...

You would still be able to access your journal if you didn't have an AOL account.  I was concerned about the same thing and everything has been fine. Email me if you want more information.   Enjoy your boot shopping ~ it's good to see you again.

thinkingoutloud said...

Wow!  Grocery shopping by yourself.
You are definitely ready for boot shopping.
It's in the high 80's here in Maryland and it really sux.
I want my fall weather.  NOW.

I don't know about loosing your blog access if you go out of AOL but I'm sure someone here can help you.  Or someone in India.

I'm glad you have a week to recoup and I'm praying for positive results.
Love ya,

tendernoggle said...

Kim, you can get FREE AOL....all you have to do is sign up! And you get to keep you AOL journal too!!!!
God bless and heal you,
love ,

adlessor said...


jckfrstross said...

use free aol and find another provider i have and its been great:) enjoy your weekend


princesssaurora said...

You can get AOL free if you use another service to access it... that is what I do...

And, I am so happy things are moving forward and you are getting stronger!!!!  THAT is awesome!  Sending you prayers my Warrior Girl!!!!

be well,

psychfun said...

I say you should be grandfathered into AOL blogs! Boots are therapy too! :-) I can't wait for my foot & back to be better to wear them again!!!

90s now in Chicago...can you believe it. Should we use that as the excuse of why the Cubs lost? Ugh!

sniperrnf said...

Your ONE brave Lady ? keep at it don't let your guard down ? you will beat it in the end !!! I just know you will best wishes brave lady

oakebrew said...

I admire your strength and courage.  This is my first time visiting.  I am close to tears reading some of your writings.  Shopping can be very uplifting to many people.  I will pray for you to keep your health so you can fight this thing.  I hope you continue to stay strong.  I know it must not be easy.  A good cry is always good.  Hugs to you!


sunnyside46 said...

stay with me
I need your stories of courage

rdautumnsage said...


gandsbrock said...

No, no, no!  Don't stop your blog!  If you drop AOL, there are plenty of freeies out there - just give us the address!!  Have fun boot shopping.  I always feel powerful wearing boots.  Is that weird?  I don't wear them often, and certainly not here in Hawaii.  Hey, come fly here, we have your temperatures, if not always, then a lot of the time!!  You can stay with me.

nelishianatl said...

Please don't go!  We love you!  Please post pics of yourself in those new boots!  I am kinda a balmy weather gal too.  I so hate the cold.  
You sound in good spirits always and are using sense about sticking close to home.
Rest up on your week off.  
We all love you here on this blog, if you can stay, please try to.
Big southern warm hugs from Georgia,

beckiepainton said...

I am a boots girl too, Beckie x

breakaway1968 said...

I'm not an AOL customer and I'm on here!!  LOL  I don't think it will affect you at all with being able to stay here :)  

buggieboo1 said...

I thought AOL was free for most now? you juat have to have your own provider? I get my aol for 9.95!  
Oct has been warm! I hear we are going to have a warm winter with little snow fall!
thinking of you!

Take care! ~make it a great day!~

k2shine said...

Hello been following your blog. Call AOL if you have to leave that server but you can still keep you AOL name for email and blog. I do. I have cable internet and called aol and they let me keep my name pay nothing. I think they like to say they have 10 million customers but like 5 mil pay. I'm not a blogger I have a myspace instead for therapy from BC. God Bless You

xomywayox said...

I can't tell you how many times I have come to your blog door. and sat a spell and walked away inspired, laughing, or crying. If I haven't told lately, I'm telling you now. Thank you for everything, the sharing.

Love Brenda

globetrotter2u said...


So glad to hear you upbeat and doing better these days. I pray your healthcare plan will remain good.

Boots are sexy. Live it up!


mrsm711 said...

Hi I've seen you in many of the journals I read.  Sorry to hear about your illness.  Insurance.......ARGH!  I have Aol through my cable company, but I hear its free now if you want to sign up.  I just read that it also offers journals to free Aol members too.  Just a thought.  Stop by and say "Hi"    :)   Tracy

csandhollow said...

I do not pay at all for AOL. AOL is free if you use another provider. I did not lose my journals.

trishaham said...

I for one and I know of many, many other's who would be sad to loose you and your journal. As other's have stated I no longer pay for aol service. Never lost a thng. You can switch on line for free service. I did.

Love Ya! Keep the Faith.
God Bless.

jmorancoyle said...

    If you do decide to change your IP, and you start a new journal, please let me know.