Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sisterhood, cocktails and some really good dance music! lol

Being that I spent the majority of the end to last years summer recovering from my mastectomy and reconstruction, then spent four months in bed dealing with the side effects of chemo and couldn't wait till I was back to just being longer Kim the cancer took a lil longer than a month to get back up to speed, but I am finally there.....and I don't want to spend a single minute doing 'nothing' out I was again Friday night with the girls celebrating "February's birthdays" (Mine is tomorrow hee hee hee...can you say 44???) I danced all night (still paying for that even this morning, but I don't care it felt GOOD!) I looked good, I felt good and I since I am down to maybe 10 eyelashes I even wore false eyelashes! lol Think Liza Minnelli lashes!! I batted them shamelessly all night!lol lol lol Oh what a night!!! The guys were back at one the houses playing poker, so we all ended up back there for a night cap and I was home asleep by 1:00 a.m. a half an hour earlier than last girls night out! lol

Saturday was spent with breakfast out with my Jim, ran some errands, then over to my Sisters house for my Nephews Birthday cake with more friends and family, then off to another girlfriends house for some wine and some chit chat while the guys shot a few games of pool. We are an eclectic group of women with a good mix of ages from 35 to 56....we are together almost every weekend and we have the pleasure of watching each others family grow... we have gone through many things with one another from new houses to new babies and the loss of some children, to mine and another friends cancer diagnosis, kids growing up and moving out, rough patches in a few of the marriages and so on, but we could of never gotten through it without each other and I love that idea that our group is so big that where ever we go it's a party because of our size! lol

I have been blessed with so much in life and I am thankful that I knew they were blessings and took nothing for is good and I am one lucky woman!

So to celebrate our Ya Ya Sisterhood we will be spending one of the next girls night out at a tattoo parlour with matching tiny butterly tattoos celebrating our sisterhood and coming of age and feeling really beautiful about it.

Are the guys happy about this? Not all...but hey it's not like we are getting new, young boyfriends or something! lmaoooooo


rollinghillsides said...

Been reading your inspiring journal for awhile Kim; your wonderful attitude helps me cope with everyday life.  Twas my daughter 'lgonzalez220' who shared her cancer journey with you in comment(s) to your Jan 20th entry, she signed it 'A survivor in CT'.  She's similar in age to you, and like you has been living life to its FULLEST for the last three years, no stopping her now!!  Having the 'time of her life', I so admire her ... AND YOU!   Thanks for your inspiring journal!  Judy, CT

sunnyside46 said...

I have thought of you so much ,Kim. I have been "out of town" as regards J-land for awhile due to the loss of my computer, but you have been in my thoughts.
Jus tlast week I began having some disturbing health issues and am going for  abiopsy tomorrow.
So many times your courage and humor have come to my mind.I am in awe of how the seeming impersonal technology of the internet has given me so many dear friends.I touch the talisman your stories have left in my mind.

pharmolo said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Kim and many happy returns of the day!!

siennastarr said...

Happy Birthday Kim.. and I do hope this marks the first of many healthy happy years ahead!  You do sound wonderfully ecstatic, and I thank God everyday that you are well on your way down that road to good health!!

Hugs and love

barbpinion said...

Happy Birthday Kim. I loved reading about all the fun you had. Good for You!

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candlejmr said...

You are sounding SO awesome and it is SOOOOO great to hear!!! It's great that you are out partying and having a ball.  I LOVE IT!!!

BIRTHDAY???  TOMORROW IS YOUR BIRTHDAY???  Now how come I didn't know that????? (lol)


justplainbill said...

Kim, so happy that you are your happy self again. The "girls" must be great fun.
Cant' wait to see your butterfly.
Happy birthday, Bill

lanurseprn said...

Happy Birthday Kim!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!  Sounds like a wonderful night. I need a night out...hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Hugs,TerryAnn

imshadowraven2 said...

Just wanted to let u know i love ya and am so glad my Favorite broad is doing so well. Happy Living day my friend..............Robin

plieck30 said...

Happy birthday Kim. You will show us your tattoo? Sure you will. Paula

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ajquinn354 said...

Well Happy Birthday to you Kim, you deserve the most beautiful of days you've certainty earned them with all you've gone through and conquered.  Glad you had a wonderful night out with your friends.  Nothing more beautiful than a butterfly, what a special way to celebrate your sisterhood; so touching.  Happy, Happy Birthday dear j-land friend......Arlene (AJ)

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gandsbrock said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you girly!!  Glad you feel like yourself again.

ukgal36 said...