Friday, November 11, 2005

More on destiny

What I love the most about blogging, especially in a community like AOL Journals, is that it brings wonderful, interesting people into your life. I have met people who have inspired me, who have pushed the envelope with me, who have accepted me and who have challenged me. I love to meet people who make me think and open my mind to other ways of thinking.

Remember that old saying, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste?" I believe a 'closed mind' is even more terrible! I used to try and reason with 'closed minds' (That's me! Learn everything the hard way! lol) I am much more interested in people who have their own minds but are open to other peoples ways in life. I think people with open minds can only enrich my life. It is so interesting for me to meet people with different takes on different things in my life. The key word is acceptance.

A journal buddy of mine who always challenges my mind on many of my theories is Psychfun, what I like about her so much is she is always pondering things, I ponder less these days because of my age I think. I am past my childhood, survived my 20's, 30's and in the beginning of my 40's I now understand that something's are just meant to be what they are.....they come with no hidden meanings. Ashlee reads my journal and asks the kinds of questions that make me go deeper in my explanations. She questioned fate and kismet from my last entry, and if they are real why does some love end up in divorce?

My theory again is based on time. I believe every union of love good or bad brings you closer and closer to true love, in a marriage that ends, we realize what we will accept and what will not accept from our next partner. Think of it as a father who gives away his daughter in a wedding ceremony. The dad has loved and nurtured this woman, but the time is right for her to go off in a new direction.

My own parents divorced for many reasons, does that mean they did not have love? No, they had love, it just wasn't meant to last a life time. It was destined to be that amount of time in each others lives, my siblings and myself were destined to come from that time. When Jim and I first met even though he was married, he still hadn't become a father yet, and I still had not become a mother to my daughter Amanda....I honestly believe we didn't come together at that time because Amanda and Melissa were destined to be and we both believe in the sanctity of marriage, like I said, he is an honorable man. I believe we both had to go through the experiences that we went through on those few years in between to make us ready for each other, to make us right for each other.

Even the bad things that I experienced as a child and teenager, brought something to my life. My Fathers alcoholism and abuse made me keenly aware of what I did not want in my marriage, my brothers physical abuse against me most of my childhood, taught me to stand up as an adult and make it perfectly clear what I will and what I won't put up with in my life, even the man who attempted to abduct me from my home (while home alone) and then later from the street at 16 made me a parent who is very diligent in keeping my children safe.

Everybody brings something to your life, I try to bring only positive things to the people whose lives I am entwined with or who I encounter as  I go through my life's journey. I also try to feed my own soul on a daily basis. Being thankful for the little things in life is what makes each day a wonderful experience.


ashleekr said...

AWWW, thanks Kim - great entry.  I am looking forward to your entry on where you got some of your traits from - that was a really fun entry for me to do!  Have a great weekend!

psychfun said...

Well thanks. Here is my response

swibirun said...

Great entry.  I had lost my link to your journal and was so glad to have found it in Me Thinks Too Much the other day!


gdireneoe said...

Lovely.  Now I have to go put fingertip to key and follow suit.  I just said a similar thing to Capn' about he and I. ;)  C.

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gdireneoe said...

Phewph!  It has taken me all freakin' day just to be able to complete this!  With all the back and forth, I feel like I have been working on a term paper! ;)  C.