Saturday, November 12, 2005

Me and Escort?.... Forgetaboutit!

Ode to my Nextel!

A few years back, we joined on the nextel band wagon along with most of our friends. A Friends brother was employed by them at the time so we were able to get in on the friends and family program. I absolutely love the direct connect feature. With my Husbands job it is almost impossible to reach him, so all I have to do now is press the side button on the side of my nextel phone and I get a hold of him instantly.

We have been able to "beep" each other when I was off sailing in the ocean blue, I was able to say goodnight to my children when I was away having Me time with friends all over the country. I can even reach my Husband when he is in the fishing on the Great Lakes or off hunting or fishing in other states. I am pretty sure he isn't thrilled with it at times! lol  It's like walkie talkies for adults!

When I was first assigned my cell number with nextel, I used to get the weirdest calls and voice mails! I had numerous men calling and asking if I could meet them in places like Seattle, Las Vegas, Boston, Mexico, Tokyo and places like that. If it was a voice mail I never returned the call, if I happened to answer it, I would just hang up. Then I got used to it, so I began just saying "No, Thank you!" Then my warped sense of humor kicked in, I'd say, "Well, Gee! Let me ask my Husband and if it's alright with him I'll pack a few things and I'll be on my way! Should I bring the kids? How about Los Angeles They would love to see Disney Land!" Now I was the one getting hung up rude! lol

This went on for about 2 months, it didn't bother me enough to change my number because my number was one digit away from my Husbands and it was easy for the kids to remember. Finally one time when I used my "well, Gee let me ask..." a man just started laughing! So I finally asked this man, "Just where did you get my number anyway?" at first he was silent then he said he found it in the personal ads in the back of a gentleman's magazine under escort services! Gee nextel! THANKS! Now everything made sense.

Just think of all the fun I could have had if I had known that all in the beginning! lol What a game of "Mother May I" or "Simon Said" Or even "Maybe I could after this rash clears up! (I know....MY BAD!) I could have had so much fun with that! lol lol lol


madcobug said...

LOL, no wonder you kept getting all those weird calls. Helen

dklars said...

Or ..... you could have said yes, you'd meet them, then just not be there! LOL

swibirun said...

Oh.....that was you?  Sorry.....didn't mean to hang up on you:)

Husbands and wives can push that cell phone intimacy can't we?  Just the other day, A announced to me while we were on the phone that she was tinkling.  Thaks hon:)


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wyanmomof3 said...

That is soooo funny! Me and my hubby have Nextel also. I never had that problem though!


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shelt28 said...

Aren't Nextel's Great!!

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