Thursday, August 30, 2007

black bears, black squirrels...and health update

I had my 4th double dose of the Gemzar and the carboplatin on Tuesday afternoon....I didn't feel very well afterwards..a lil sick to my stomach.....a lil dizzy....but that was the first time that I had a side effect...with this new chemo cocktail..not bad huh?? I still managed a dinner out with just my the way during my vacation up north I cooked and ate like a feind...gained 4 damn pounds back....a Woman with cancer still has issues with her weight...we are a strange lot aren't we? lol lol lol

Ok, now for the serious stuff....tumor markers up both times YIKES!!! New tests are being ordered as I type.... a ct scan - c/a/p (chest, abdominal and pelvic) with and with out contrast....can you say YUM on the orange flavored Barium??? PUKE! lol lol lol And I personally think something is going on in the brain again...since middle of vacation...small seizures have returned and I haven't had one of those since first being diagnosed with breast new Brain MRI too.  Such is life huh? Hair is still MIA but I still don't give a rats butt! lol lol lol....late night drive, moon roof open, my favorite guy sitting next to me....then ruined completely when I'm hit in the head by a bug or pooped on, either way I didn't want to know what hit my head! lmaooooo!

Now On to more serious business..... I brought along a whole list of questions for Dr. is how that went down.

Can I take a multivitamin...yes

Fatigue meds?...Yes  (Thanks Mary) (Provigil)

Leg weakness is unbearable.....Thinks it's the steriods...being weened off of them, being put in a rehab program since once again I wiped out..this time in the chemo room....legs just give out....I'm so graceful...just like a swan huh?? Lmaoooo....A lil worried about my left arm.  I had 24 lymph nodes removed from there and now that I partially blocked my fall on that arm I'm a lil worried about Lymphedema 

Am I ever going to be eligible for stem cell transplant or a bone marrow according to
Dr Alexander Hantel, MD
Medical Director Oncology Services
Edward Hospital
Professor Of Medicine
Division of Hematology/Oncology
Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Neither treatment has helped with Breast Cancer Patients...its more for cancers of the blood....Since I will never be curable only treatable as a life long cancer patient this isn't an option. Anybody have a different opinion on this one or been told the same thing?? Appreciate any and all feedback.

I will find out about new tumor marker test results tomorrow and I have to have the other tests run within 3 weeks before my next visit with Dr. Serious....They are sneaking me in early for both tests....I think by the middle of next week.... and rehab starts the week after that...they wanted me to do chemo one day then start rehab the next girl behind the desk......sorry new girl I need a day or two to bounce back! lol And did I mention I keep getting lost in my bedroom??? 15 years same house, same bedroom, chemo is hell on the mind and body...Jim hears me bouncing around sniffling, getting ready to lose it and rescues me from the master bathroom, the closets, and the hallways.....dangerous for this lil weeble that falls down! lol really hating this tri-level about now..........gonna get a slip and slide for the two main hallways! lol lol lol and then some kind of pulley system to go back up....they give me a walker....when I have 2 staircases......walker is wider then the stairs! lol

Enjoy your weekends and your family.....time together is so precious!


Now real black bear paw print? Or clever 15 year son tying to freak his momma out?? lol

And is this not the cutest little black squirrel you have ever seen??? LOL

They want me to start physical therapy ASAP, I can't agree fast enough! I have to build up my own strength get back somewhat of my old life (come as I go, do as I please) Since I seem to fall about once a week....they gave me a walker....we are having a pig roast at our lake this weekend .....maybe I'll take Gramma Annie on in a walker race! I'll give her the outside edge for a lil momentum! lmaoooo


canyonsun04 said...

YIKES on the bear track!!!!!

Good list of questions to! Keep on fighten

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blpltt said...

`And now to more serious business'...........I like your style Kim, you are amazing.  You have such a wonderful attitude and a fine sense of proportion, mixed in with such incredible zest.  Have a wonderful weekend, and don't mow too many people down with that walker!
Bunny x

lanurseprn said...

Wow on the bear! I hope it was your son playing a trick!! You are such a strong woman. Keep on fighting!

ajquinn354 said...

Well kim, you certainly have a lot on your plate, you've been in my thoughts, glad you are gettting away for the weekend at the lake, the Pig Roast sounds yummy, that's my favorite met to eat, so enjoy.  Sure the steroids play a part in your weekness dear, have seen the same with family and friends. As for the lymphedema, friend across the street going through the same with her left arm and the compression wraps (for legs and arms) she wears on her left arm has really been of help to Martha who is also going through Breast Cancer. Glad you got to enjoy dinner out with your honey Jim.  Will keep you in my prayers for good news on the tumor markers.  Loved your pictures of the bear paw print and the squirrel, they are darling. Most every day a Dragonfly comes and sits on my tomato plant poles, it just fascinates me and I miss him when he doesn't come. The physical therapy will help get your strength back up dear./  Sure Gramma Annie will love racing with you.  Take care, Bless you.....Arlene (AJ)

sybilsybil45 said...

Hi Kim, just popping in to see how things is agoing...keep smiling. Have a lovley weekend with the family. as you so rightly say time together with friends and family so so very special.  Prayers surrounding you as always  Love  Sybil xx

astoriasand said...

Keep on going Kim you can do tit walker or not and I bet you win the rae too LOLROFPMSL at the bug hitting your head.My kind of humour.You are sooo funny.My prayers are thousandfold for you and your family and I shall be away now for a month  I am coming over to USA on my hols.So you go girl.Keep smiling an fighting. Have a great time at the lake pig roast.Your remarkable.Take Care God Bless Kath

siennastarr said...

Kim.. keep up that fighting spirit, and know that you are in my prayrs.. always..

Love and gentle hugs

lindaggeorge said...

You strength is inspirational, I am sure there are many who wouldn't have got to where you are. Never doubt your ability to keep fighting, you're one helluva woman.

Linda x.

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onestrangecat said...

pretty good claw print!!!!

bald?  sometimes I feel like shaving all my hair off!  lol

being with the man you love has got to be the best!


thinkingoutloud said...

This entry is a lot to digest for me.
I've only heard of bone marrow transplant for cancers of the blood BUT at the speed they are making so much progress on cancer I thought, 'well anyting is possible', and it is just not yet evidently.  Sorry I can't be of any help on that end but if I come across any info you will be the first to know.

I think PT will help you greatly to get on your feet and stay there.  It's amazing how quick we loose muscle and strength.

I hope there is some good news in your tests to come.

You are such a beautiful person Kimberleigh.  The world is a better place with you here.

Lots of love and extra prayers to you,

thinkingoutloud said...

p.s.  i'm in western maryland so i would say it's a REAL black bear print your son is amazing.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wow on that bear print...sounds like something my son would do but sure looks real to me!  LOL..Praying you gain strength and for good results to come your way...LOVE YA!! TerryAnn

kirkbyj05 said...

'Hair is still MIA but I still don't give a rats butt! lol lol lol....late night drive, moon roof open, my favorite guy sitting next to me.then ruined completely when I'm hit in the head by a bug! lmaooooo!'

You are just too!  I was falling for the late night drive, moon and romance bit until then...hahahaha!

I hope that bear print wasn't real!  Did you say you are going back up there???
Last time I tasted Barium it smelled of chocolate but tasted of tin.  So that's a YUCK!  Not a YUM! You have to starve for this and then you get the big let down..

Seriously, my  'Lovely Irish Eyes' did well with putting on a bit of weight.  Now that's ammunition for the fight ahead.  
You are the BEST!
Praying for you real hard.

Jeanie  xxx

chaispice1023 said...

Hmm...the visual that popped to my eyes when the bug splats - girl!!  :-)  when you go on that romantic drive, just take some wipes along and it'll be just fine.

loved the photos.  and i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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pharmolo said...

I have to agree with the VIP opinion, Kim. Bloodcancers benefit by BMT, as they originate in the bone-marrow. Your cancer started out hormone-controlled, although it's taken on a momentum of its own. Good luck with continued treatment.

shoot4mephoto said...

High-dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant

High-dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant is a way of giving high doses of chemotherapy and replacing blood -forming cells destroyed by the cancer treatment. Stem cells (immature blood cells) are removed from the blood or bone marrow of the patient or a donor and are frozen and stored. After the chemotherapy is completed, the stored stem cells are thawed and given back to the patient through an infusion. These reinfused stem cells grow into (and restore) the body’s blood cells.

Studies have shown that high-dose chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplant does not work better than standard chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer. Doctors have decided that, for now, high-dose chemotherapy should be tested only in clinical trials. Before taking part in such a trial, women should talk with their doctors about the serious side effects, including death, that may be caused by high-dose chemotherapy.

shoot4mephoto said...

Monoclonal antibodies as adjuvant therapy

Monoclonal antibody therapy is a cancer treatment that uses antibodies made in the laboratory, from a single type of immune system cell. These antibodies can identify substances on cancer cells or normal substances that may help cancer cells grow. The antibodies attach to the substances and kill the cancer cells, block their growth, or keep them from spreading. Monoclonal antibodies are given by infusion. They may be used alone or to carry drugs, toxins, or radioactive material directly to cancer cells. Monoclonal antibodies are also used in combination with chemotherapy as adjuvant therapy.

Trastuzumab (Herceptin) is a monoclonal antibody that blocks the effects of the growth factor protein HER2, which transmits growth signals to breast cancer cells. About one-fourth of patients with breast cancer have tumors that may be treated with trastuzumab combined with chemotherapy

nay0114 said...

Hope you have a great long weekend.
Take care, Chrissie

breakaway1968 said...

My prayers are with you as you continue your battle...and i hope the test results show good news.  You have a great weekend!  

sdoscher458 said...

(((Kim))) Have you talked to Lahoma? I know that she underwent stem cell theraphy years ago and most recently marrow transplant...I hope she is doing okay. But maybe she knows a lot more than a regular person would. Still praying for, Sandi

tendernoggle said...

Kim If I were you I would call all the major hospitals and such that deal with your type of cancer...tellt hem what your treatment is and ask if there is anything else that they should be doing or trying.
Hang in there, don't give up, keep fighting.GOD BLESS YOU>O<
love ya,

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plieck30 said...

Have a good long week-end and keep the moon roof closed. On second thought open it whats a little bug juice? Paula

cgtperkins said...

You have the best attitude!! I guess you might as well huh?? I continue to pray for you daily, I hope all the test are ok. Have a great time at the lake, and good luck in your race....LOL

jckfrstross said...

keep the humor it does help:) enjoy your weekend and get pictures if you race grandma lol


swferstl said...

Would love to see that walker race! Love your sense of humor, girly!!! Keep it comin!
Our love, sher  (wunzuponatime)

ladymagnolia1963 said...

Hi Kim Ü,

I am fairly new to your journal & I enjoy reading it very much. I'm very happy the chemo cocktail is working for you without experiencing the horrible side affects.

What does it mean when you say the "tumor makers" have gone up. I know enough to know it's not good. I'f you don't feel I am prying, may I ask what kind of cancer you have and why it's not cureable? I hope I am not asking to close of a private question. If I am I sincerely apologize. And we can just skip it.

I'm sorry the questions you asked your Dr. were not more positive.

You have such a beautiful, strong out look and a wonderful life. I so admire you and what you have to face.
That picture of the squirrel is adorable, I love em!

How is your arm feeling from catching you fall!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful, quiet evening Ü.


frankandmary said...

I thought someone had offered the BMT to you & quite frankly was wondering why.  No, I have not heard of it for cancer that progressed in the manner in which yours did.  But I was still ready to fight the insurance company for it, instinct ;-0.  ~Mary oxoxo
ps very glad about the Prov.

fasttrack58 said...

I'm sure I know who will win that race!!
Enjoy your weekend!!
and keep laughing!!!
Linda :)

gandsbrock said...

Um, I dunno about whether the paw print is real, but I'd keep my eyes peeled!!  Sorry about the tumor markers and walker.  Still keeping you in my prayers.

gehi6 said...

no matter what is going on your perception is phenomonal, like it was gettng stronger not weaker.  I think it is your spirit shining through with such grace and reality.  Why am I so inspired by you in the midst of all this pain?  Gerry

s0ngbird1962 said...

(((Kim))) glad to hear you are still fighting & praying that you catch a break and finally hear good news...

That bear print looks very real to me.  But I have one thought....  The bear was obviously walking in soft sand, were there other prints just like it?  Or was that the only one?  Hmmmm, if that were the case, would love o see the bear that can hop on one foot....

LOL, on the walker race.  Putting my money on you....  

rayne1123 said...

loved the pics. your night out sounds wonderful happy you had a good time
have a great weekend

bmorrrick said...

Hi Kim,

You have got to be the most amazing person I've ever known!  I admire your strength and spirit, and love your funny sense of humor.  I'm keeping you in my prayers daily, as always.....I hope they can give you the marrow transplant, or do something to help you get well.  Your pics are amazing as always, remember the one long ago of the tree with the red leaves?  Bless you hon, and your family.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you feel good enough to enjoy it.

Take Care,

faithmtn said...

Wishing you wellness and a healing miracle Kim! Uhhh that squirrel looks demonic! EEK!!! lol I'm placing my bets on YOU to win the walker race, goooo Kim go go! Have a relaxing weekend....laugh, have fun, get an endorphin rush and flip your immune system in gear to kick some cancer booty.

cmflemng said...


Twice now, in the past month, I have stumbled across your page. "I Shaved My Legs For This?," the beacon that drew me in. Serendipity. Your humor. Your courage. Your love. Your spirit. Your "weirdness" when it comes to things that are "unusual..." That comment brought a smile to my face (as well as the rest of your endless wit!) because I well relate. I hate to tell you this, but you have a kindred spirit in that department... Suffice it to say that neither of us corners the market on minority! Thanks for your courage, your smiles... Keep on keepin' on. A fellow warrior.

hbound4 said...

I just can't image all that you are going through and yet you seem to do it with such grace and ease and we all know that is not a easy thing to do when under any kind of stress.
My prayers for you have started a long time ago when I first started reading and not got up the nerve to leave you a note. Not sure what the deal is with that not leaving a comment. We all love them. Have a great weekend and I just know you are such a inspiration to all who read your journal.

ballyweel said...

I'm in my 49 th month of malignant melanoma - there is no cure only treatment.  I have been through experimental drugs, interferon, chemotherapy and radiation.  Today , I just got a call that they want me to retake  a mammogram - the picture didn't turn out.  Yeah  right.  thanks for calling on Labor Day weekend.  

Anyhow , I "enjoy" your blog.  I figure if you can go through what your're going through - so can I. Thanks for being a cancer warrior.


mzgoochi said...

I can't promise that I know what I'm talking about. LOL BUT, as you know I had stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to 13 Lymphnodes 10 years ago and my treatment was a stem cell transplant at MCV in Richmond Va and my Dr's name was Dr. Yanovich.

Good luck and God Bless with all your test Kim. Always thinking of you.


PS- I had my hickman catheter put in today and I'm soooooo sore. :(

mutualaide said...

Kimberleigh, you lift ME up when I'm feeling flat -- You laugh and share and enjoy every moment -- even the sick ones.  It's impressive.

Prayers, hugs and good thoughts your way.  May you have a better day today than yesterday.  :)

psychfun said...

I just saw on the tv that Gene therapy ground into lettuce has rats cured of diabetes & they are starting human trials & expect it on the market in 4 yrs!!! I bet they are being conservative with that number also! Would't that be great! It is coming for other disease I know! I'm surprised they didn't suggest vitamins & look at your other stats for that??? Hmmm?

beckiepainton said...

I never heard of a black sqiurrel!! Keep ya chin up, Beckie x

loverobin32 said...


pprrrr39 said...

Kim............ Despite all that you have been / and/ are going through your wonderful sense of humour shines on.

Glad you had a great time.... the paw print is pretty scary ...wouldn't fancy getting a slap from that .

Keep your chin up
hugs Jayne

stepjammer said...

My neighbor had inflammatory breast cancer and had a bone marrow transplant.  The cancer had spread to the lymph nodes only.  She is fine now.  That has been over ten years ago.

I had CAF 3x before my surgery.  My cancer had reduced in size from over 6cm to about 3.  If the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes the CAF eradicated it before the surgery.  After that I had CMF 8x and 5 weeks of daily radation.

At the time my doctor told me that my protocol was based on a study of Italian women and the survival rates for my treatment were comparable to or better than a bone marrow transplant, so maybe they don't do that anymore.

All a bone marrow transplant is, is they give you so much chemo it kills all of the fast growing cells, which is what cancer is, and so they have to put the bone marrow back because it is destroyed as well.  That is how I understood it.

I don't know if that helps you any, just letting you know my experience.

Take care,


heavenlybama said...

Provigil is wonderful for fatigue.  Helps me alot.