Sunday, April 2, 2006

Guess what I did??? lol

I got my nose pierced!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! (I LOVE IT)

I have been wanting to do it for years, long before I even wanted my Tattoo.....which I did finally get when I was 35. Let's just say Hubby is none to pleased but like I told's my nose and my arse so what could he really do about it???? lol

The tattoo is of a four leaf clover in honor of my Irish heritage, it's location is a place that is private so no one would even know it't there unless I showed em or told em! lol I can't believe how many times I exposed myself when I first got that tattoo's cute and green an about the size of a half dollar.

Now on to my nose.........I can't say that it hurt, because it really didn't it was just a bit of pressure when they slid the needle through my nose, then threaded the diamond stud onto it. I must of wacked myself pretty good in my sleep last night........hmmmmmm! or maybe it was the Darlin' Hubby??!! lmaooooo because the side of my nose it just a lil sore this morning. Healing time should be about 2 weeks if I can leave it alone and the only thing I have to get used to is feeling something in the inside of my nose. The stud itself is no larger than the head of a straight pin, but I will definitely have to get used to the feeling of something inside of my nose. I will try and get a picture with my camera later, but that might prove a lil difficult.

Poor Hubby...........He thinks I might run off with a band of gypsies next.......I said that depends on where they are going of course! lol lol lol


am4039 said...

good for you on getting  your nose pierced if that's what you wanted.  No April's fool joke.  Hope it doesn't hurt to much.

mawmellow said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kim !!  I'm with you on the tattoo thing...I did that at 40 but I think you're gonna be doing the nose piercing alone....i'm too chicken !!!  I can't wait to see it !!!

thinkingoutloud said...

I have been seriously thinking of getting my nose pierced.  My husband just says "no way"!  But it's not his nose.  Right?!?

I think I would like it on the left side of my nose.  For no particular reason other than I think the left is right. ha ha
Which side is yours?

I hope it's an easy healing process for you.
Take care-
Niki :)

cneinhorn said...

You go girl!  Sexy Momma!

hadonfield78 said...

What ??? no pictures of the tatoo ??????????   GEEZ......
Hey Im Irish, its ok for me to see it. ha ha ha ha ha
I cant wait to see the nose peircing.
Your stronger than I am.
I used to have peircings in my ear (3 of them) when I played music years ago.
I have thought about getting them again.
But Im not brave enough to do the nose yet...
So if you dont do an entry for a few days, we take that as a sign, you ran off
with them Gypsies, right ????

gdireneoe said...

Oh MAN!  Now I have to process all over again!  I have played with the idea of getting a tattoo and belly peircing for years.  We need pics hon!  I want to see that nose. ;)  C.

thisismis72 said...

wow oh cool.

astaryth said...

Woo Hoo! You go girl! I really do like a nose piercing if you have the right shape of nose (I don't <g>) and it is one of those little studs... about the feeling something inside your nose, look around for special 'nose piercing' things. When I worked for the jewelry mfg company, we made some of the little studs with like a little spiral on them... you inserted them in the hole and twisted them around. The stud stayed on the outside and the little spiral laid against the inside of your nose!

As for the hubby... tell him there are other places you could have gotten pierced and let him dwell on that! <LOL> I have a 'set' of piercings that would probably shock him <veg>

bmorrrick said...

Goodness!!  You are a much braver woman than I am.....good for you!  I bet it looks cute, and your hubby will probably end up liking it.  It's good to keep him guessing what you might do next, huh?


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sunnyside46 said...

What do the kids say? You really must post a pic.

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