Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In quest of an organic pastry shop! lol

Had chemo yesterday...jut the one dose the Gemzar and finally was able to get the last 2 Tumor Marker test results..........AND THEY ARE WAAAY DOWN!!
MAYBE third time's a charm huh? My blood work wasn't fabulous, (platelets) but I begged and I pleaded and they gave in as long as I go in Friday for 2 bags of blood (4 hour process and since I have to be there Thursday for my Brain MRI and cat scan of the chest/abdomin/pelvic , I might as well bring in a pup tent (me and boo of course) a sleeping bag and

Somemores and hang out there till next week when physical therapy starts! lol

I felt stronger and my legs didn't give me that much trouble now that Dr. Serious is once again weaning me off of the steriods....I think physical therapy will do wonders..as long as they don't hurt me too bad trying to put me back together again...I would really hate it if my Irish temper got in the way with some ones face and my foot...I heard P/H can be pretty painful....I'll just norco the chit out of myself and maybe I won't care what they do to me! lol lol lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend.......too hot here in Chi-Town for me so no direct sunlight or even reflective ( I burn waaay to easy) and the air was too hot to take into my lungs...thank God for dusk and early mornings! The pig roast was a big hit....my chocolate cup cake was even better!


kirkbyj05 said...

Great news Kim!!!!!  Thank you God!!
When I was on steroids with my chemo I went daft for fresh salad spinach...I couldn't get enough of it.  Of course spinach is full of iron and my body was craving it.  I bought bags of the stuff and that's what I munched on when the steroids made my appetite crave.  I would roll it up into a tight wad, in the middle of the night with just me and the fridge door open and the interior light on ...lol!  (I was like a cat burglar...Lol!)and then stuff it into my drooling mouth.
Weird the things the steroids made me do and the side effects too.  But at least it built up my bloods for each treatment.  Mind you...you have been bombarded with so much no wonder you need the transfusions.  Hang in there my friend..if you are going to kick out at physiotherapy make sure its a football not a well meaning physio's head.  A dear friend I know liked a little tipple now and then and I was on the hormone replacements at the time.  Her little tipple perked her up a bit and my hormone pills made me into a 'Stepford Wife'...Lol!  I used to say...'keep off the bottle' whenever we parted company and she would say..'keep taking the pills'...Lol!
For you Angel?   Keep taking the 'Happy Pills'.  
Jeanie xxx

gandsbrock said...

Yay!  Doing the happy dance that your tumor markers are down!!  And you are feeling stronger!  Sorry about the many hospital visits coming up.  Maybe they should put you on the payroll...  It's a thought...  Cupcakes and pig roast sounds real good.  Yum.
you take care,

sdoscher458 said...

Oh, I am so happy that you got some good news. You have been fighting so hard.
You deserve the best pastries in town, do treat yourself. Are you in Chicago? I used to live in Niles great little place, I also loved Old Town.  Keep the good news coming and I will not stop praying...love, Sandi

sybilsybil45 said...

Just been reading the comments to your latest , and dosn't Jeanie write the most wonderful things  She is such a treasure to us all. Glad that the news was good.  Keep smiling  Much Love  Sybil xx

blpltt said...

You and Jeanie are two treasures.  I cannot think of higher praise.  You've both kept your sense of humour intact, and what's more, it's infectious.
Pig roast and chocolate cupcake is making me drool.
Bunny XX

am4039 said...


canyonsun04 said...

You are an amazing fighter! What an inspiration to others you are

frankandmary said...

An organic pasty shop?  Selling some  multi grain cheesecake?  Is it a salt & sugar & taste free pasty shop also? No Thank You.
If you want something that tastes badly, I'll bake for you ;-). ~Mary

pharmolo said...

I'm very pleased the markers are down now, Kim. Great!

trishaham said...

I am so glad you are in a better frame of mind. I don't know how you do it. You are a true inspiration.
I know you will do well with yor P.t. The irish in us comes through when we heed it. Keep strong and be as stubborn as any Irish lass can be.

God Bles.

fisherkristina said...

Ugh, you are going to get platelets (or are you going to get blood - I mean Red Blood Cell Packs?) as well as an MRI and CT scan all on the same day??  Gee, you are going to be there all day!  Maybe you better bring that sleeping bag!  When my husband used to go for blood or platelets it took him all day!


imshadowraven2 said...

OH yessssssss good news . Love u so much g/f .....Robin

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! And YAY on the low tumor markers!

princesssaurora said...

Yay!  Just got back from being away... and caught up on your entries... so glad the markers are down!  Sending you prayers... the provigil will be a godsend... yay for that too.

Prayers and hugs to you warrior girl!

be well,

sangrialel said...

So happy to hear good news!!  Glad the pig roast was a big hit.  Linda

dwhee70041 said...

Sounds like good news today.  I can't say physical therapy was one of the highlights in my life.  I still can't figure out how an absolutely beautiful therapist coud be so cruel.  LOL  I'm sure your chocolate cup cakes were delicious.

breakaway1968 said...

Yeah...great news!  Chocolate?!  Yum!  Sounded really good.  

shoot4mephoto said...

Im so glad to hear the Great News on the cancer marker tests....Awesome!!!

siennastarr said...


ajquinn354 said...

Kim, always in my special thoughts dear. Sure the Physical Therapy will be helpful to you.  Hey if you are putting up a tent while there then waiting for the PT to start, know lots of us here in J-land wish we could come to hug, hold hands, share laughs and be there for you. You've captured all of our hearts dear.  Yum, sure your chocolate cup cake was good.  Look forward to hearing your next journal report...work at keeping that "Irish" temper under control while having PT, lol.  Arlene (AJ)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Your in my thoughts and prayers.Have a nice day.

gosso23 said...

So glad to hear your tumor markers are down! Not only down but waaay down!! That's good news. You sound like your doing better and it makes me happy. You have been through so much and I know you are going to bet this!! Keep fighting.
Love, Trish

dornbrau said...

I read your title wrong.  I thought it said 'Orgasmic Pastry Shop'.  Yeah, I'll take two of those doughnuts to go!

tendernoggle said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I am so happy that your tumor markers are down!!!! That has got to mean something real good!!!! Good luck on Thursday and Friday...hope all goes well!!
love ya,

faithmtn said...

WTG Kim! Best of luck with all of your upcoming tests and PT. Maybe take along some of those yummy chocolate cupcakes to help pass the time! And hmmmm, maybe use them to bribe the hospital staff to put you at the front of the line?! hehehe

thinkingoutloud said...

Good deal!

PT will be a bit painful, I'm sure but that will become less and less as you get back to 'fightin' shape. ha ha

I hope you have an easy week.  You and your dog named Boo.
Love n prayers,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

So glad to hear of the news....Praying that the pain isn't too bad...Keeping you in m;y thoughts and prayers daily!  Hugs,TerryAnn

sunnyside46 said...

so glad to hear your good news

ma24179 said...

Physical therapy will be good for you! Hope you had a great holiday. -Missy

jmorancoyle said...

    Keep up the good work!
Jude - From the other end of Chi-town.

gehi6 said...

I just can't get over you.  You are a wonder.  You make having chemo sound like a snap once you get used to it, the unbelievable familiar.  I'll bet a lot of doctors would wish they had a cancer patient like you.  Pierre (my male companion of 3 years) would not have either radium or chemo but then he did not have so many reasons he had cultivated to live.  Gerry

pprrrr39 said...

Glad to hear that your tumor marker results are down.....sorry to hear about the blood work though.... hope everything went well

Stay strong Kim hugs Jayne

stupidsheetguy said...

Aww, this was terrific to read. Yay you! Third time's a charm, for sure. Keep on plugging. I need you here to write great entries. AND, I just happen to have a cupcake here of my own, so, I'm with ya in spirit today!


psychfun said...

Can you have apples? If you have not had them the Honey Crisp apples are now in season & at Jewel. K-Mart had them but didn't look as good by me. Had my boyfriend try them & he was shocked...so crisp they make so much noise when you bite into them & very sweet! Probably great for taffy apples too. Isn't it amazing how something simple like an great apple can just perk up the day! :-)